Hello, my name is Larisa. I'm from Redwood City, California and I was born in September 4, 2007. I started writing when I was only six years old, my passion for writing is extreme because I love writing poems, narratives, non-fiction news, and essays. For years I believed that the reason why I enjoy to write is because of my mother, she also wrote a lot in her young years of school and whenever she had the chance she would help me with my paragraphs I had to write for school because I did not have any ideas.

There was some times that I did have to practice to write essays to get better at them in detailing the sentences that are too simple. Hopefully, students like me will be interested in writing Literature because why not? It's so much fun and it can take your mind off of things. I love to write. I am an Author.


Larisa Monroy, Entertainment Author

Jan 30, 2020
Animal Cruelty: Where it Happens, Why it Needs to Be Outlawed (Story)
Dec 04, 2019
Oh I Just Can’t Waaaaait… to See Lion King! (Story)
Larisa Monroy