I'm a student at McKinley: Institute of Technology. I'm in seventh grade, and I'm the editor for the entertainment department. With my extensive knowledge of books, plays, movies one could say that I would be an amazing author. However, its not really in my cards, I'd rather be fixing mistakes rather than realizing that I made the same ones.

When I'm older I wish to become a prosecutor, and possibly work my way into the district attorneys office. Putting away criminals for my whole life, not a bad way to spend my time. I mean I like reading, writing, painting but I feel like I wouldn't want to do full time.  What I would want to do full time is to work all day and sleep all night. Also hang with my best friend, sleep, and consume bread of all types. My sign is a Virgo and my friends a Cancer.I really love her. She is exactly who I need as a friend in my life. My nickname for her is Sensitive Oreo Beanstalk while she calls me, smiley smol bean.

I decided to go into the entertainment department because I thought I could combine my knowledge of all things literature and my knowledge of fixing mistakes,and put them to good use.



Kyra Sagastume, Entertainment Editor

Kyra Sagastume