Why we Should Take Care of Our Classrooms

Luisa Ramos

I’m always so excited about the first day of school because I get to see my friends again after a long summer break and get to meet my new teachers and I also get to go to the Mall and Office Depot to buy new clothes, shoes, school supplies and a new backpack. Then on the first week of school everyone is so happy hanging out with there group of friends, the teachers are nice, kids are all happy they got classes together. You also really don’t get any work on the first couple of days it’s more like getting to know each other and the teachers learning the students names and now we are almost halfway through the school year and they found that there are cockroaches in our classroom!!!!! Now they are sending a paper home letting parents know that this  is an issue and that pesticide is being put in the classroom, they can sign the paper and put their phone number they will be notified when the pesticide is being put in the class. This isn’t good because now some kids are losing learning time because their parents don’t bring them to school because they don’t want them to be close to the chemical and teachers are losing teaching time and now everyone is behind on what they are supposed to do and this is why we should take care of our school and classrooms. We can take care of them by picking up after ourselves, by not littering, by not eating in the classrooms, by not leaving crumbs behind because that is what the ants and roaches like.