History Of MIT Middle School

Fernando Mendez and Emily Milanes, Mckinley Happenings by Author and Contributer

MIT was not a technology school at first. Back then MIT was called Mckinely middle school, a traditional middle school which was transformed to a technology school for 6-8 students. 

McKinley first opened in the year of 1928 serving the redwood city community. Which means it’s been 91 years thats its been open to the public. McKinley didn’t always look the way it does now. Mckinley had a clock tower that was later taken down and North star academy was not here. There wasn’t that much information that we have collected in the early 1900s but we both noticed that there was  something extremely different from the students who attended mckinley in 1951. The Redwood round up would tell you all! First of all there was no color in the whole entire yearbook. Each student dressed a type of way girls dressed in long skirts with a button up shirt and we also noticed that a good amount of the boys wore leather jackets and plaid shirts. Mckinely had many electives they had a football team for the 8th and 7th, a basketball team for 7th and 8th. Girls had a baseball team and came out to be champions and they also had a Girls basketball team. Last but not least they had a mckinley cheerleaders squad. Mckinley also had good amount of activities that involved music. There was girls glee club for the 7th and 8th, drum and bugle corps group, also they had a band.As you can see this is something that we found out about our very old school in The Redwood Roundup.