School Shooters and How to Prevent Them

Andy Villeda, Author

In 2019 there has been 45 School Shootings in 46 Weeks. This is a massive difference in comparison to other countries. The main causes of shootings are depression,Bullying, and psychological issues. Also another cause is stressful lives in childhood leading to a corrupted child growing up an in theory  leaves mental issues and causes harmful thoughts. The majority of school shooters were socially rejected and left alone with no friends. All of this could end if bullying stopped and we started including and not excluding.This is also because these individuals had been struggling alone either because they were unable to ask for help or their cries went unheard when the adults in their lives didn’t realize the child needed support. A Majority of parents and guardians say that school shooters usually do what they do because they want to get back at people that have bullied and or hurt them physically and mentality. As a result  we have many children in danger from potential school shooters but this could all be resolved with a little bit of extra inclusion.