Oh I Just Can’t Waaaaait… to See Lion King!

December 4, 2019


Lion King NY

Musicals might be some old-times stuff today but if people actually knew how amazing it is to go see “The Lion King” then their opinion would definitely change. This musical has been growing ever since 1997 and has earned billions, yes that’s right and true.

The amazing actors of this show travel everywhere to perform to us and show what their made of, talent. The actresses are well-paid to represent their hardworking skills and this proves that the performances are not there for nothing. Equity theater actors earn a minimum of $1,145.70 per week. If they are required to work on Sundays, that rises to $1,191.20. Equity actors who are on call earn a minimum of $238.69 per day. Broadway actors command a higher salary, a minimum of $2,034.00 per week.

Additionally, the exact date when the first LION KING musical came out was in July 8, 1997 in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Orpheum Theater and was successful before premiering on Broadway at the New Amsterdam Theater on October 15, 1997 in previews, with the official opening on November 13, 1997. The popular place where this play is on is at Theater im Hafen Hamburg. Theater im Hafen Hamburg attracts audiences from across Germany, who travel to the theater on special Lion King boats, who knew that even boats are used to travel to a musical. Since opening in 2001, “The Lion King” has become Germany’s most successful musical.

After 22 years of performing, the director Julie Taymor has confirmed that more than 100 million people world-wide have seen her musical and she has earned 8.1 billion dollars so far, that number makes it the highest-grossing entertainment property in history. She has also been awarded with six Tony Awards, one for Best Musical and Best Direction of a Musical, making director Julie Taymor the first woman to earn such an honor.

There is almost no reason why anybody should not go to see this fantastic show because it’s so beautiful, artistic, and worth your while. Also, if anybody is part of that show congrats to you, because you’ve earned so much money throughout your entire career that you have worked and practiced on in the many years of your enlistment.I don’t know how Julie Taymor got to be so successful throughout this process of the show and everything in it, because it is a lot of work just for one director to handle. Both onstage and offstage.I would go to this play myself to experience it and see how amazing it actually is because why not? If any of you have had any experiences with them let me know, I’ll be glad to learn more interesting facts about The Lion King. I’ll be letting my editor know!



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