Popular Comics on WEBTOON: Lumine, Lore Olympus, True Beauty

Popular Comics on WEBTOON: Lumine, Lore Olympus, True Beauty

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Have you ever heard of a comic book called ‘LUMINE’? Well let me tell you something, it’s an AMAZING comic. I was never the kind of person to be interested in comics but when my best friend recommended Lumine for me, I fell in love. God bless her. The writing, the illustrations, the effort the author puts in the comic, oh and Lumine’s heterochromia. It’s adorable! One of his eyes are the color blue and the other eye is half blue and yellow. Lumine is also half human and half werewolf. He can turn into three forms. Human, cute baby weredog, and a big gorgeous werewolf! But through out the book there have been rumors where he could possibly be half werewolf and half witch. Who knows though? We’ll have to wait to see what the author has in store for us

Lumine by Emma Krogell is about a werewolf boy who was contacted as a bodyguard for a witch boy named Kody. However Kody is bitter because he cannot do magic, so he does not really form a bond with Lumine until a group of weredogs kidnapped him and tried to sell him for his blood along with Kody’s bully named Calla. Lumine saved him and Calla and Kody realized how rude he had been, hugging him and telling him he was sorry, that action was surprising to his dad because Kody had not been able to make a bond with pretty much anyone since he learned that you can’t be a great witch without magic. At the hospital Kody’s dad told Lumine that the spirit cat that he sees all the time is an evil spirit that Kody refuses to get rid, he shares that one day that spirit might kill him or make him kill other people. After the battle Lumine is able to turn freely between werewolf from, baby weredog form, and his usual human form which was an act that he was not able to do before.

In recent flashbacks we get to see most of Lumines history. His mom was killed by hunters in front of his eyes, and when they turned there guns to him, he was saved by a weredog called the Queens Hell hound. Lumine was adopted by him  and long story short he was sent to Kody’s country because it was no longer safe for him in Terranevo, his home country.

Lore Olympus

Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe tells the tale of  the taking of Persephone and her marriage to Hades, with major twists. The story takes place in modern times, while the human world where they sometimes visit is based on ancient Greek times.  Persephone is brought to Olympus because of her acceptance into TGOEM, basically a group so that Hestia, Artemis, and Athena can recruit other goddesses to become eternal virgins just like they are. Artemis offers her place as way to help Persephone become independent and to take her away from her helicopter of a parent, Demeter. At a party Aphrodite, the love goddess, get mad at Hades for saying that Persephone is much prettier than her. She makes Eros, her son, to help her get Persephone drunk and into Hades car so that he would see that Persephone is actually a dumb village girl.

They meet and grow feelings for each other . Persephone is assigned to become an intern at the underworld by Hera the queen of marriages who truly wants Hades to have a meaningful relationship. She is however opposed to the idea at first because Persephone is 19 and Hades is 2000+ year old.  Their love only progresses and is halted on numeral occasions by a nymph called Minthe. Now in the original telling Persephone turns Minthe into the first mint plant, because she proclaimed out loud that she was much prettier than Persephone after Hades took he out of the rivers in the underworld and into the world above. An act that most fans wish would happen so that the love story their so interested in continues without distractions.

Their love gets stronger by a minute however both of theses comic upload on Sundays only, so while we have many comics that really show how their love is progressing it is not enough to satisfy the 3 million subscribers that the comic has.

True Beauty

True Beauty by Yaongyi is a drama comic book that tells a story of a teenage korean girl named Jugyeong. She’s a senior in middle school, listens to music whenever she pleases to do so, and she watches numerous of cartoons and movies she wants. She also isn’t confident with the way she looks. She considers herself as ‘ugly’ and ‘unattractive’ unlike the other girls in her school who she believes are ‘prettier’ than her. She goes onto an anonymous online platform and and is shown a website that helps her learn about to use makeup and her natural good looks.

A transfer student comes along and ruins her supposedly perfect life. He likes to visit the same comic book store and he has seen her without her makeup on numerous occasions. He finally talks to her and he realizes who she is. In order to keep her secret he proposes that she does whatever he wants her to do, whenever and wherever. Everything’s all right though because he confesses that he just wanted to see what she would in order for her to keep her secret. They become friends, and he helps her through her end of year tests. They friendship progresses but is sidetracked by the fact that a popular boy at school has a problem with the transfer student.



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