School Sports: McKinley Flag Football Team


Lesoni Olive and Andrew Alvarado

This year the McKinley Flag football team was a mix of MIT, North Star, and Roosevelt players who joined the team. The McKinley Flag Football team. If your wondering what flag football is, don´t worry flag football is where you have flags and instead of  tackling you grab the flags. Flag football is the same as actual football accept flags only( Its basically a non-physical sport). The McKinley Flag Football team is great team to be in. You many think my claim is incorrect; however I have many reasons to prove that i’m right. McKinley Flag Football makes sure you have fun, its not about losing or winning its all about having fun. You train hard, and play hard, try your best. The Flag Football team is all about cooperation, communication, having fun, and tactics.

The McKinley Flag Football team helps you. Joining the team comes with many benefits, getting fit, having to stay healthy, and also to work on your tactic skills. When it comes to flag football you have to have social skills in order to win, and you also have to have good tactics. It would be great to join the team. Fitness is one thing about sports such as Flag Football. This year the Flag football team made it into the play offs. Lost many games but won at least four games. Having the rest of the games canceled because of the smoke(not safe for our lungs). Come on! What are you waiting for sign up online and enroll.

Note: The sports such as Flag Football, Basketball, and Soccer are run by REDWOOD CITY AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS.